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Ted Dively

Written by on September 8, 2018

I’m Ted Dively, and I’ve been with KXSF since we started the organization in 2011. Prior to KXSF, I volunteered for 19 years as a DJ and Production Director at KUSF. All the way back in 1981, I plowed my way through a bunch of jobs at my college radio station, WCUA at The Catholic Univeristy of America. Following my college years, I toiled as the Program Director at WCVT, the campus-run radio station at Towson University in Maryland. My last professional radio job before moving to SF was as the General Manager at WKHS, a public educational station located in Kent County, Maryland, where I taught high-schoolers and managed a gaggle of student interns and community volunteers.Radio is magical: It’s basically free, doesn’t require any kind of network to listen to, flies invisibly through the air, and can be heard in even the most remote places.

One of my earliest memories is secretly listening to WEAM AM with a transistor radio under my pillow, and being blown away by George Harrison’s „My Sweet Lord“. What’s not to love about listening to smart people playing different, fun, mind-expanding kinds of music, and discussing issues that are super-local and relevant to our community? I’m not doing a show right now, but when I do, the music tends to swerve all over the road – in a good way, I think.

Currently, I serve on the Board of Directors, where I’m learning tons about fundraising (hint: it’s hard and takes a lot of dedication, energy, and time) in addition to the nuts and bolts of station management. Additionally, I’m one of the tech chimps who keep the studio equipment, transmitter, and the various connections between things humming along. When not volunteering at KXSF, I ride my bike, work at being a good husband and dad, and try to stay out of trouble.

I’ve seen too many cool shows to list here, although a couple of Sleepytime Gorilla Museum shows in SF remain benchmarks for excitement, humor, and loud, loud fun. Also, seeing King Crimson from a front row seat in 1982 is also one of my best show memories. Any community inspiring words for everyone:Get involved. You’ll have fun, make friends, and learn a ton about what makes San Francisco tick.­­­ ­ ­­­