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June 24, 2019

Lineup: – #OnePursuit adds Fernando Rodney – #TimeToFly Jordan Hicks UCL tear (adds #SFGiants Will Smith?) – #RingTheBell adds Fernando Salas – Game Watch: #LABleedsBlue vs #RattleOn

Before the Giants/Blue Jays two-game series on 5/14, I had a chance to talk to Giants General Manager Farhan Zaidi about the Warriors, ballpark food and more. Check out the interview below:     MUST SEE 📺: We talk to #SFGiants GM Farhan Zaidi about the #Warriors, ballpark food and more! Check it out below […]

Pregame Preview: Our very own Sam Pasco of @PascosPerspctve is out at @OracleParkSF TONIGHT covering the #SFGiants! For more exclusive coverage of all things Giants, keep it here on #KXSF 102.5 FM 📻 🔊🌉 — KXSF 102.5 FM (@KXSFradio) May 11, 2019   Game Summary: It really wasn’t that bad for most the game. […]

It’s a cold, foggy afternoon on Treasure Island. A few seagulls fly in the sky, and walking down Avenue H there’s a 3-story tall pile of dirt where a little league field once stood. While this might not seem like the scene of a nationally televised concert, it was. On January 7th, Treasure Island was […]

Our KXSF Song of the Day (as recommended by DJ Sammy P)  is “They Came Along” by Haulm, from the 2017 album They Came Along through The Orchard Music.

This past November, DJ Sammy P of Pasco’s Perspective attended the AJR/Robert DeLong concert at the Masonic Auditorium. The sold-out concert was part of AJR’s The Click Part 2 Tour and featured its own Snapchat filter for attendees to share their experience on social media. AJR is an American indie pop band composed of multi-instrumentalist […]

Our KXSF Song of the Day (as recommended by DJ Sammy P)  is “Tres” by El Gato Dice, from the 2018 album Tres.

Our KXSF Song of the Day (as recommended by DJ Sammy P)  is “Art School Girl” by Ben Pirani, from the 2018 album How Do I Talk To My Brother? through Colemine Records.