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Off the Hook Podcast (Friday, July 12th)

Written by on July 12, 2019

Tune in to the SWINGING SOUNDS that’ll make your Booty Bump and your mind cave in with ECSTATIC WONDER on OFF THE HOOK! * Today we will present mini-Tributes to Bossa Nova pioneer JOÃO GILBERTO (R.I.P.) and Persuasions lead singer JERRY LAWSON (R.I.P.)! * Birthday tributes for your weekly Musical Edification and a selection of fractious and UNRULY tunes rounds thing off (or up)! * Also looking good for Uncle Gagie’s Singles Box! * Tune in to OFF THE HOOK at 1:00 for Heaven’s (and your own) sake! * KXSF-FM 102.5 or KXSF-stream:

Well, you probably saw it coming: First Day of Summer (today) + Friday = The OFF THE HOOK SUMMER BASH! * That’s right, OFF THE HOOK will be bashing you over the head today with the Surfin’-est, Bar-B-Quein’-est, Beachin’-est, Bitchen-est BEST Summer tunes! * Songs of Summer love, Summer parties! * Songs to celebrate the Summer while you wax down your surfboard! * And we’ll also have a short Bummer Summer set for those let down by Summer (it happens). * We’ll take a break to apply sunscreen and celebrate Birthdays * and then it’s back to FUN in the Sun on the Radio! (this show is meant to induce a sense of fun) * So tune in at 1:00 for the Summery-est Summer Show of them all on KXSF 102.5!?? Your Gateway to Summer!