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Off the Hook Podcast (Monday, May 24th??)

Written by on May 24, 2019

Today on OFF THE HOOK: in a word: BOB DYLAN. * (“That’s two words!”) * OK, if you wanna split hairs, that’s fine, but the point is we’re gonna celebrate the mercurial Poet Laureate on his 78th Birthday! * Criss-crossing through the years, we’ll have a listen to his many eras and personas to uncover what makes this singular stylist so important and unique! * You’ll hear favorites (mine), lesser-knowns, and alternate versions of some of the most beloved and influential songs from this mysterious and canny tunesmith! * Tune into OFF THE HOOK on 102.5 / KXSF at 1:00 and bow to his BOBness! * Once you do, you ain’t goin’ nowhere!

What’s a HONEY HOOK? * Is it what you get when Gage OFF THE HOOK Kenady hosts HONEY HOUSE HOURS? * What would be the nature of a HONEY HOOK? * Barbed, sweet, or both? * The only way to find out is to tune in to HONEY HOUSE HOURS on KXSF/102.5 at 10:00 tonight! * Maybe you’ll get Hooked! (Exp May 29)