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Written by on September 8, 2018

Hi, I’m MJ and my show is called “West of Twin Peaks” airing every Friday from 10-noon on KXSF. I’ve been with KXSF for two months. I started my 30+ year broadcast career in college radio, which I loved doing as I have always been a music lover/collector/fan, and radio was the perfect outlet. I ended up in television news for the majority of my career, but had always looked back fondly on my college radio days.

Research led me to KXSF, and seeing its need for volunteers, not just for DJs, but also for fundraisers and other areas of expertise, I felt it was karma calling me to return to my roots and doing what I loved about the broadcasting in the first place. I am unashamed to say I have always been a fan of most pop/rock music, but my genre tastes go well beyond that. I have always loved R&B, Soul, Funk, the Blues, Jazz and Hip Hop, but also am well acquainted with Folk and Americana. Therefore, I plan to play all these genres on my program – because if I’ve learned anything about music and the recording industry in my years, it’s that all these genres are inspired by one another….and good music is good music no matter what label we put on it. The goal of my show is to share music across genres with my listener.

Music, like all art, can either be a reflection of, or a distraction from what’s going on in the world around us. Music – like all art – is a shared experience and can heal, inspire and bring people together. I’d like to think I’m doing my small part in bringing people together through music. I am a volunteer in the Fundraising and Operations Dept. Besides music, I am a sports fanatic, and an outdoor and fitness enthusiast. Find me a mountain to hike or ski and I’m happy! (especially if there’s a beer waiting for me at the end of the day!). My motto is: You’ll always have reason to smile if your glass is half full.