Thank you for your interest in our merchandise. The prices below are simply suggested donations. If you are interested in our merchandise, please come to our events and co-presents to support us and get a T-shirt or buttons or stickers. You can also contact us directly at merch(at)kxsf(dot)fm.

NEW KXSF 102.5 FM T-SHIRTS – Men, Women and Youth sizes available

Black Available in:

Men’s M, L, XL and XXL

Women’s S, M, L and XL

Youth S, M, L

Maroon Available in:

Men’s M

Women’s S

Youth M

Chocolate Brown Available in:

Men’s L

Gold Available in:

Men’s L

Women’s M

Forest Green Available in:

Women’s M


Purple Available in:

Women’s S, L

Youth L

Red Available in:

Youth S


Photo Coming soon Tweed Available in:

Men’s L




Here are the new KXSF 102.5 FM  2″x 2″stickers – Our new call letters KXSF KXSF KXSF! Suggested donation: $1

Larger Sticker – Suggested donation: $2

Buttons – 1 inch – Suggested donation: $1.50

Check out the Dj Flying Japan’s T-shirt. He is one of our youngest DJs (11 years old) and has been a radio DJ since the age of 6.
Available in many sizes (Women’s, men’s and children’s)


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