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Mawkish Twaddle Podcast. (Saturday, June 8th)

Written by on June 8, 2019

It’s Mawkish Twaddle on KXSF tonight for the most interesting batch of tracks — most of them brand new — that you’ll hear anywhere this week. Tune your knob to 102.5 FM in San Francisco, or stream at or on TuneIn worldwide!


Last night on Mawkish Twaddle on KXSF San Francisco, I played new sounds from James Clarke Five, Mush, School of Language, The Gotobeds, J. Robbins, Peaness, Possible Humans, Redd Kross, Christian Fitness, Foxhall Stacks, Urochromes, The Minus 5, Siskiyou, Doug Tuttle, Corner Boys, Pip Blom, and Cate Le Bon. Oh, and a track from Ornament und Verbrechen that might as well be new since maybe 50 people had a copy of the late ‘80s cassette from which it came.

Speaking of a not-so-moldy past, listeners also heard selections from Picky Picnic, Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci, Skeeter Davis, Ice The Falling Rain, Jigsaw, The Relationship, Pram, The Everly Brothers, The Playmates, The Moon, Brent Randall is Gentle Brent, and Bird Nest Roys. And I didn’t forget about Roky.

It’s possible to hear it all but you need to press the arrow below with determination and high expectations.

This week’s Mawkish Twaddle, heard last night on KXSF 102.5 FM in San Francisco, features a spirited and insightful interview with Fontaines D.C.guitarist Carlos O’Connell, plus the latest tracks (each and every one of them exciting and stimulating) from VacationPin UpsJust MustardNeutrals, Terry, Reality InstructorsDuschpalatsetVanishing TwinHygieneSAVAKThe IntelligenceClaude FontaineStereo TotalCate Le BonDoug TuttleEzra Furman, Mike Donovan, and the Dublin quintet mentioned toward the beginning of this long sentence.

Elsewhere in the program, nostalgia buffs will thrill to the sounds of yesteryear, represented by parallel universe chart-toppers from The Fall, Girl Band, Twinn Connexion, and Ti-Tho. You really need to hear that Ti-Tho track.

Gently depress the arrow below to listen to the show!


On last Saturday’s Mawkish Twaddle on KXSF in San Francisco, I played electrifying new sounds from Neutrals, The Rubinoos, The Verlaines, edgar déception, seablite, My Teenage Stride, Skydeck, Imperial Wax, Paul Den Heyer, FREEZ, Olden Yolk, Squiggles, Mr Ben & The Bens, Monnone Alone, Cariño, Keel Her, Bubblegum Lemonade, Sarah Bethe Nelson, L.A. Mood, Flower, RVG, Nick Lowe, The Mystery Lights, The Divine Comedy, Fontaines D.C., and birthday celebrant Wreckless Eric.

But I didn’t ignore the past, as tracks from Jim Spencer, Strange Fox, The Government, Spring Fever, Johnny Pearson, and Quick Culture will attest.

Listen below!

This week’s episode of Mawkish Twaddle, which aired last night on KXSF in San Francisco, includes exciting new sounds from Starry Eyed Cadet; Not Yetis; Big Quiet; Pottery; Hurry; POW!; Butcher The Bar; TheCatherines; Eric Barao; Sofa City Sweetheart; The Reds, Pinks & Purples; Dehd; Pixx; Karl Ward; La Batteria; VON SPAR; Death And Vanilla; john southworth; Clinic; Cheesemind (琪琪音像|Qiii Snacks Records); Mourning [A] BLKstar; The Gotobeds; Superchunk; and Boogarins.

I also played older tracks — that you’re going to find just as exciting — from Splitsvilleusa, Rebel Truce, The Yetis, Peggy Lipton (RIP), Colin Giffin, Kyle Forester, and The Chamber Strings.

Click below to hear it all!

Following a one-week New York break, I returned last night to the radio program known as Mawkish Twaddle and played new sounds from KITTY KAT FAN CLUB, Versus NYC, Jeanines, The Resonars, Doggy, Squiggles, Sarah Bethe Nelson, Sofa City Sweetheart, Quiet Marauder, Whoa Melodic, FRITZ, Versing, RUBUR, The Pearlfishers, Neleonard, Wreckless Eric, Peel Dream Magazine, Altın Gün, Regional Creeps, Gauche, Patience, Zebra Hunt, Drahla, Boogarins, Tacocat, Peter Perrett, The Dream Syndicate, Guided By Voices, and The Cowboys, and a previously unreleased track from Stereolab. The past, meanwhile, was ably represented by Octopus, The Mabuses, and Stackridge.

You can listen to the entire two-hour show.

Listen to Mawkish Twaddle tonight on KXSF 102.5 FM in San Francisco! You’ll hear this week’s batch of exciting new tracks, plus a strange and captivating assortment of rarely played gems from the recent and distant past. 10 PM to midnight Pacific time on your radio in SF, and on anyplace you happen to be.

Mawkish Twaddle. Recorded live for KXSF 102.5 Fm on April 13th of 2019. (Exp. 4-27-19)

On last night’s episode of Mawkish Twaddle I transmitted new sounds from Jeanines, Swim Team, Amoeba Teen, The Catenary Wires, Nick Eng, Straight Arrows, Martha, Pottery, Red Sleeping Beauty, The Proper Ornaments, Fontaines D.C., Art Brut, UV Race, Sonny & the Sunsets, Clinic, Morrissey, Chris Cohen, and The Dates.

That’s not quite all: there were older tracks from Cherry Twister, The Bugaloos, The Shivvers, Hajime Hiro, Peggy Lipton, The Puddle, Groovy Uncle, The Feelies, The Greenberry Woods, Kati Kovács, The Scruffs, The Clientele, The Associates, and (early) Primal Scream. You can hear the show via the arrow below. This week’s saxophone alert level: low.

Mawkish Twaddle. Recorded live for KXSF 102.5 Fm on April 6th of 2019. (Exp. 4-20-19)

Mawkish Twaddle. Recorded live for KXSF 102.5 Fm on March 30th of 2019. (exp. 3-13-19)

Listen to KXSF tonight for this week’s edition of Mawkish Twaddle! 10 PM to midnight Pacific time at 102.5 FM in San Francisco and everywhere. #indiepop #postpunk #collegerock #sunshinepop #punkrock #psychedelic #indierock #powerpop #girlgroups #noiserock #schlager #folkrock #northernsoul #newmusic #chamberpop #freeformradio #sanfrancisco

You can listen to this week’s Mawkish Twaddle, which aired on the San Francisco radio waves last night, right here!  I spun exciting new tracks from The Boys With The Perpetual Nervousness; Châteaubriand; Seatbelts; Nuns Honey; Flying Fish Cove; Boyracer; La Fille; Bubblegum Lemonade; Shiny Times; Vanilla; KiDD; Johnny Stanec; Marc Jonson & Compañia de Sueños Ilimitada; Chappaqua Wrestling; Murray A. Lightburn; Film Jacket 35; The Minneapolis Uranium Club; The Tough Shits; Patience; Stephen Malkmus; Chai; The Maureens; Ex Hex; Karen O & Danger Mouse; and The Brian Jonestown Massacre.

Were there pre-2019 sounds as well?  Of course!  Artists falling into that category were The Realists; The Sharona/ザ・シャローナ; Thomas And Richard Frost; Rain; The Fall; Tommy Roe; The dB’s; Shirley Ellis; and The Knickerbockers.

Mawkish Twaddle. Recorded live for KXSF 102.5 Fm on March 9th of 2019.

Mawkish Twaddle. Recorded live for KXSF 102.5 Fm on March 2nd of 2019. (exp. 3-19-19)

Mawkish Twaddle. Recorded live for KXSF 102.5 Fm on February 16 of 2019. (exp. 3-5-19)

My KXSF show this week has new tracks from The Resonars, Le SuperHomard, Basic Hinge, Jacuzzi Boys, The Sharona, bis, Alien Nosejob, Olivia’s World, Station 17, Kai Danzberg, Sleaford Mods, Monnone Alone, Long Ryders, Anemone, Bill Pritchard + more!

This week’s Twaddle includes brand new and recent sounds from The Teeth (Japan); Botschaft (Germany); K. H. Mirth (England); Business of Dreams (US); The Proper Ornaments (England); Sambassadeur (Sweden); Tullycraft (US); O – Olivier Marguerit (France); Bob Mould (US); Tight Knit (Australia); R. Stevie Moore (US); The Maureens (Netherlands); Mike Krol (US); FONTAINES D.C. (Ireland); Guided By Voices (US); Soleil (Japan); Deidre & the Dark (US); POLTA (Japan); Panda Bear (US); and Wand (US). And there are older selections from East Village (England); The Momes (England); Barry Mann (US); The Nothing (New Zealand); The Back Seat (US); Akiko Yano (Japan); Julian Cope (England); Hans Edler (Sweden); Samantha Jones (England); Part Time (US); Cold Fly (England); The Spiders (Japan); and Jay Arner (US) that might as well be new.