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Local Selection: La Dee Da.

Written by on November 16, 2018

#KXSFLocalSelection presents:

La Dee Da began when Rosie Steffy wrote her first song at age seventeen. She met Aaron Handler in Oakland’s thriving warehouse music scene in 2006 and invited him to play bass on an early La Dee Da cassette release called “Goaty”. A few years later she moved into a tool shed behind Oakland’s DIY house venue The Speakeasy where Fletch lived and, following a terrific living room jam session, a trio was formed: Rosie’s lilting vocals, Fletch’s creature-like drums, Aaron’s acoustic bass and the milky sound of the Speakeasy’s loud old upright piano. Late in the night a few years down the road, Rebecca Kleinmann’s flute wafted across a lake to Rosie’s admiring ears at a party in the woods and after a few hours communing at the piano the two were mutually enchanted. Lewis Patzner began as a guest collaborator in the studio. The interplay between Rebecca’s soaring flute lines and Lewis’ cello was too exhilarating; a mysterious magnetism soon drew him into the fold. The five-piece improv-oriented chamber pop version of La Dee Da is immortalized on their full length album “A Day in the Park”.  Ever exploring new terrain, the band has since shifted back into its original trio form. Rosie, Fletch and Aaron are now crystallizing their powers by delving into new songs with grooves ranging from Art Rock to R&B. They have recorded a new album due for release in November. Next up is a return visit to Alaska in September. “A Day in the Park”, La Dee Da’s debut album, was recorded to tape by Greg Ashley at Creamery Studio in Oakland, California and released on vinyl and cassette in autumn of 2013. (Non-analog fans have no worries – it’s also available in digital form.)

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