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the mystic by Bells Atlas (Released April 19, 2019)

Written by on May 22, 2019

(Self recorded and produced)

The sound and the storytelling on the sophomore LP from this Oakland-based based is dreamy, hypnotizing, and soaked in some warm psychedelic influences. Bells Atlas’s brand of Bay-area Afropop borrows heavily from the sounds of the region, at once sounding both worldly and extremely local.  The vocals of lead-singer and lyricist Sandra Lawson-Ndu are reminiscent of Solange. This is an LP that fits the mood for both a Sunday morning listen, AND a late Friday night listen. (and everywhere inbetween).

Notable Tracks:

  • Track 1 “Hazelwood”
  •  Track 3 “The Khamsa
  • Track 5 “Belly”
  • Track 6 “Downpour”

Written by MJ.