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Album of the Month. IDLES. “Joy as an Act of Resistance”

Written by on September 8, 2018

KXSF Album of the Month. September 2018.

This month’s choice for our KXSF Album of the Month (#KXSFAOTM) was a rather easy one. That is, because during the first hours of the month, IDLES’ highly anticipated follow-up to their debut,  2017’s Brutalism was dropped.

Joy as an Act of Resistance, which just by its name suggests the greatness of the concept, is one of the greatest albums of the decade. Without a doubt. Period.

This British quintet chose to release two tracks before the official release of the album; the punk, post-punk, brit-pop-esque anthem, Danny Nedelko and the darker and harder Colossus. These two, in all their greatness, were just brief samples of what ended up being a very well rounded ode to rock and roll. Joy as an Act of Resistance includes twelve tracks. The entire set list dwells on Joe Talbot’s aggressive vocals that remind us intermittently of Johnny Lydon or a very-early Liam Gallagher. These songs surf through punk guitars throughout the entire product. It is punk, as punk as it can be.

Joy as an Act of Resistance owns THAT attitude, that long forgotten attitude of punk, rock and roll, social compromise and hard and fast guitars. It also, like its name suggests, discusses imprescindible social subjects like Danny Nedelko which serves as an ode to immigrants or Great which incisively goes after a Brexit England society. It is simply just the way punk should be, coming at the right time and from the right place, a socially broken England.

It is rare to find an album that can be listened in its entirety, an album that can be enjoyed, song by song, as a whole piece. This is one of those albums. Rock and roll is far from being dead. Don’t believe anyone that tells you so. Listen to IDLES. They are living proof that rock and roll is well and alive.

By Guillermo Goyri.