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#KXSFLocalSelection presents: The duo recorded the album in SF and Beirut and composed some hauntingly creative experiemental art rock that lends itself from gaze and metal. Guitar lines with occasional vocals, harsh bass and intruiging melodies, “Out Of Time” delivers it all. Since the album spares itself a genre definition, you will just have to […]

#KXSFLocalSelection presents: (Tiger Bomb). Created in a Northern California barn during her residency at the Headlands Center for the Arts, the CD features 6 tracks of peaceful, primarily harp-based songs that focus on natural energy. The pieces as a whole create a relaxing and tranquil feeling, while also varying in musical tone. Some tracks feature […]

#KXSFLocalSelection presents: Tony Molina: “Kill the Lights” (Slumberland Records). A beautifully arranged album of songs about love and loss. The only reason you might be bummed out though is because the songs are so short – almost all of them under 2min. In “Kill the Lights”, Molina crafts “splendorous power-pop pastorale that channels Big Star […]

#KXSFLocalSelection presents: Billy and Dolly: “Five Suns on Shit Crystal” (Slumberland Records). SF duo Bill Rousseau and Dahlia Ramirez recorded their third album in Oakland and according to themselves it captures “post-apocalypic love, galactic desertion and Jane Eyre”. Translated into my kind of English: Sonny Smith meets King Tuff, nice melodies accompanied by a Wurlitzer […]