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Live from San Jose in the press box, I had an opportunity to report on the #4 seed Virginia Tech vs #12 seed Liberty game in the SAP center. Here’s some perspective on the game. — Preview/Content: Historically, Virginia Tech is 14-3 all time vs Liberty, but VT has never faced the Flames in the postseason. Virginia Tech’s win against Saint Louis (66 […]

Lofi Satellites Lofi Satellites (self-released.  Recorded at Tiny Telephone Studios in SF & Oakland) February 1, 2019 All four cuts from this four-piece band from Pacifica/San Mateo are solid works of psych-rock, with hint of surf.  The music is fast and loud – yet warm and fuzzy and very, well analog – which is exactly […]

Love Jerks Million Movies (self-released.  Recorded at Hyde Street Studios & Stillwater Studios) November 2, 2018 This San Francisco duo’s love story is the basis of their debut LP which is at once grand and intimate at the same time. They are simultaneously dream-pop, synth-rock and smooshy ballad ….. with a flair for the cinematic.  […]

#KXSFLocalSelection presents:   Lil’ Elephant is an unconventional Oakland ensemble bringing original tunes to stages of all sizes throughout the Bay Area and, soon, across the world. A labor of love several years in the making, this band of four motley miscreants fuses funk, rock, roll, rap, and classical influences into an exceptional and eclectic […]

#KXSFLocalSelection Presents: San Francisco singer/songwriter Bob Hillman is back with a new album after 10+ years away from the business. I had a good run in the late 90s/early 00s, releasing three albums and touring the United States and Europe, including 80 some-odd dates as the opening act on Suzanne Vega’s Songs in Red and […]

#KXSFLocalSelection presents: La Dee Da began when Rosie Steffy wrote her first song at age seventeen. She met Aaron Handler in Oakland’s thriving warehouse music scene in 2006 and invited him to play bass on an early La Dee Da cassette release called “Goaty”. A few years later she moved into a tool shed behind […]

#KXSFLocalSelection presents:   Hailing from the cold waters of San Francisco Bay, Penny Opry specializes in bringing old music back from the dead, with a sound designed to lift spirits and bring life to the party. Armed with a suitcase drum kit, ukuleles, and an antique button accordion, the group draws inspiration from maritime folk tradition, […]

#KXSFLocalSelection presents: Like a siren from the shore, Moonshine Maybelline lures you in with spellbinding ballads, mesmerizes with moody soundscapes, and crashes your broken heart into their country-rock. Catherine Foreman’s powerful vocals and instantly memorable songs are the centerpiece of this dynamic 5-piece band from San Francisco. Sparks began to fly when she teamed up […]

#KXSFLocalSelection: Mike Rufo is a singer, songwriter, guitarist, and activist. Rufo’s songs and poems arc across the waves of life.  His music is gripping and eclectic, reflecting his impassioned engagement with the world. Mike’s musical language builds upon powerful lyrics, soaring vocals, driving rhythms, and melodic riffs that explore emotional depths and transformation.  He also mixes things […]

#KXSFLocalSelection presents: Shelby, Texas is a Bay Area country/rock band bringing their own west coast country charm wherever they roam. Their debut album, We Are Shelby, Texas, introduces a new breed of country bringing together classic storytelling and a concrete sense of self. Songs like “Tennessee”, “Glory” and the award-winning “Home” show you exactly who Shelby, Texas is and […]