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Our KXSF Song of the Day (as recommended by DJ Webbles) is “We’re Not The Only Ones” by Amalgamation from the 2019 single We’re Not The Only Ones through Robin Lovejoy.

Love Jerks Million Movies (self-released.  Recorded at Hyde Street Studios & Stillwater Studios) November 2, 2018 This San Francisco duo’s love story is the basis of their debut LP which is at once grand and intimate at the same time. They are simultaneously dream-pop, synth-rock and smooshy ballad ….. with a flair for the cinematic.  […]

KXSF Album of the Month. February 2019. Deerhunter is back with yet another musical gem that fits perfectly among the collection of well acclaimed albums they have released in their prolific career. Why Hasn’t Everything Dissapeared? is Deerhunter’s eigth album and, without a doubt, fulfills the great expectations the band inherently creates. This album created […]

Who’s pulling the strings at the commercial radio station or corporate streaming service you’re listening to?  Do they have political ties?  A sketchy history with employees?  If you’re asking these questions, maybe i’ts time you started listening to real radio again, like KXSF 102.5 FM in San Francisco, streaming online as well, at  You KNOW who we are.  We […]