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“Surfeando un Cometa” (Surfing a Comet) (Recorded at Hyde Street Studios – Self-released) The third LP from this nine-piece Oakland “Latin Circus Funk” band does not disappoint in range and energy.  The 11 tracks on this album all are fused with a Latin beat born in Colombia – but seamlessly combine other influences from reggae, to […]

(Self recorded and produced) The sound and the storytelling on the sophomore LP from this Oakland-based based is dreamy, hypnotizing, and soaked in some warm psychedelic influences. Bells Atlas’s brand of Bay-area Afropop borrows heavily from the sounds of the region, at once sounding both worldly and extremely local.  The vocals of lead-singer and lyricist Sandra Lawson-Ndu […]

(Self-released) This self-titled doubled LP by the SF-based The Spiral Electric is a sprawling statement by a quintessential Bay area psych/acid rock band.  But The Spiral Electric also manage to do something many similar bands do or could not – that is weave many other flavors of music and emotions (including instrumental interludes) into an 66-minute […]

December 21, 2018: OFF THE HOOK presents The Shortest Three-Hour Off The Hook Of The Year! * Yeah, that’s right, it’s the Winter Solstice (first day of Winter to you) and what we lose in Light is more than made up for in Sounds! * Sounds of Winter and SOUNDS OF CHRISTMAS! * Ho Ho […]

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November 17, 2018

As the holidays approach, our thoughts are with the victims and survivors of this Fall’s tragic wildfires throughout California. One way you can help is to donate to two trusted non-profit agencies that are always among the first responders aiding survivors of natural disasters such as wildfires, floods and earthquakes:  the Red Cross and The […]

Show starts at 10am with DJ Webbles eclectic playlist; including his Ear worm of the Week. Then, La Dee Da will be performing live from 10.45am and talking us through their album-based Cast Away Compilation ! Check out La Dee Da @ Follow all things Hangover Sessions @ Hangover Sessions – DJ Webbles

MJ has a fantastic West of Twin Peaks Radio show planned for Friday, November 2nd starting at 10am on KXSF-FM. As usual, loads of brand new music starting with some kick-ass female artists whose music reflects the crazy, uncertain times we live in.  Also, a local spotlight segment from artists you can hear play live in the […]

Three KXSF Dancers in the Barn are playing songs spookier than the current American political system tonight at 10pm PDT!

Still working on your ballot for the midterm elections? Feeling overwhelmed and not sure where to start and what resources to trust? Join the club! Better yet, get together a crew to hive-mind with us and #tunein this Sunday from 5-7pm (PT) to #SupperSessions for a special “Rock the Vote” episode. We’re all in this together, so let’s make […]

From 10am til’ Noon today, Moonshine Maybelline will be joining DJ Webbles in-studio to perform live (from around 10.45am) + talking up their new EP “End of the Road” ! Follow Moonshine Maybelline here @ + Find out more about the Hangover Sessions below: