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Album of the Month. Terry. “I’m Terry”

Written by on October 3, 2018

KXSF Album of the Month. October 2018.

The KXSF album of the month is the third full-length in as many years from Terry. The first two LPs from this Melbourne band, whose four members are/were in a number of other combos (including such notables as Dick Diver, Constant Mongrel, Total Control, and Primo) were winsome affairs with sing-songy and chanted male-female vocal interplay and hooks aplenty. This record is similarly charming, its tossed-off insouciance and occasionally twee sensibilities clashing deliciously with subject matter like (apparently) sadism and abortion. The group’s aesthetic will be appreciated by fans of the strain of low-key post-punk that stretches from the Television Personalities to the peak-period releases of Flying Nun and K Records, and onward to much of the thriving contemporary Melbs music scene. Pick hits: “Under Reign,” “Oh Helen,” “Bureau” and “The Whip.”

By Bob Newman.